[Melbourne-pm] Meeting next week - 8th March

Ben Marsh blm at woodheap.org
Thu Mar 2 19:17:20 PST 2006

* Scott Penrose (scottp at dd.com.au) wrote:
> Hey guys
> I am looking for some feedback on what you would like to see  
> on Catalyst and how you would like to see it.
> For example, I could go down the path of writing some code on the  
> fly, getting some basic feedback and generally teaching on the fly.
> Alternatively I could do a more dry presentation of how you use a MVC
> I would love to hear some feedback before I get down to the nitty  
> gritty of actually writing my talk this weekend :-)
> Scooter

I would like to hear more about the MVC paradigm and stuff on Catalyst
and mod_perl.  So I guess that makes my vote all of the above. Got
enough time and energy? ;-)

Ben Marsh

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