[Melbourne-pm] Meeting next week - 8th March

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Thu Mar 2 18:51:24 PST 2006

G'day everyone,

This is an unofficial reminder that there's a meeting on next week, to which I'd
like to invite you.  I'm going to fabricate the talk topics, and hope that any
important corrections get announced soon.

	Date:		Wednesday 8th March
	Time:		6:30pm
	Location:	(Usual place):  myinternet House,
			Level 8, 14 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

The meeting should go for about 1:45, so we can reasonably expect to reach the
pub for dinner and drinks at about 8:30pm.  For those who've never joined us on
a trip to the pub, it's a great time to socialise, talk more about the talk
topics, network and generally have a good time.  The food's pretty good too.

	Agenda:		Plans for this year's OSDC - Scott Penrose
			Perlmeme/introductory Perl - ??
			tidyview - Leif Eriksen
			Catalyst and mod_perl - Scott Penrose

Tidyview is a small tool for supporting the use of Damian Conway's Perl Best
Practices through perltidy and Adam Kennedy's PPI.

If you have a talk topic you'd like to give, please send it through to the list,
we're always interested in more talks.  If you know someone who might be
interested in any of these topics try to bring them along.  In fact, try to
bring someone else along anyway, the more the merrier!  Your friends, family and
work colleagues are all invited!

The following regular Perl Monger meeting will be in April on Wednesday April 12.


OSDClub will be hosted by the Melbourne PHP User Group in April and will be
taking place on Thursday April 6.  For talk topics and other information please
visit: http://www.osdc.com.au/osdclub/index.html

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