[Melbourne-pm] Talk offer, 12th July, Human Interfaces for Geeks

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Thu Jun 22 00:14:51 PDT 2006

G'day Everyone,

I've got a presentation that I'm preparing for the upcoming System
Administrators conference ( http://conf.sage-au.org.au/ ) entitled "Human
Interfaces for Geeks".  The abstract is as follows:

	As technical professionals we excel at understanding protocols,
	standards, file-formats, and APIs. Whenever there is a doubt as to the
	correct way to do things, one merely needs to read the fine manual or
	source code.

	Unfortunately the reference manual for humans was lost a long time ago,
	and the source code is poorly documented. We've been struggling with
	inter-human communication ever since.

	Paul Fenwick will present his findings at reverse-engineering the human
	communication protocol.

It's got absolutely nothing to do with Perl, but it's a fun, short ( 20-25
minute ), and amusing talk on how humans work and how we can model their
internal states.  It's in a similar vein to the "Presentation Mind Control" talk
I gave a few times last year[1].

I'd be very happy to give the talk at the 12th July Melb.PM meeting, if you're
happy to hear me.  I know that this is much more suited to OSDClub, but I'm
hoping to do user user-group presentations before the SysAdmin conference in
late July.  I certainly don't mind doing a second presentation for OSDClub as
well.  ;)

All the very best,


[1] I'll also be presenting "Presentation Mind Control" again next Thursday at
the Web Standards Group, http://webstandardsgroup.org/meetings/index.cfm?event_id=67

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