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Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
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G'day everyone,

As you may be aware, Melbourne Perl Mongers incorporated on the 1st
September 2004.  Part of the catalyst for this event was that members of
Melbourne Perl Mongers were organising the Open Source Developers'
Conference (2004) and needed a legal entity for purposes of accepting
sponsorship and other contracts.

That first conference went extremely well and gained interest from a broad
section of Melbourne's open source community.  This was reflected in the
make-up of the 2005 conference committee.

In order to provide a complete separation of the finances and organisation
of the conference, the Melbourne Perl Mongers committee agreed to allow
the creation of a separate legal entity for the conference.  Thus the Open
Source Developers' Conference is now run by The Open Source Developers'
Conference Inc.

Unfortunately news of this event did not reach all Melbourne Perl
Mongers members, and for this we apologise.

Please find below a text copy of the  meeting minutes from the final committee
meeting before the last election.  If you'd like an official copy (in pdf)
please let any committee member know.

All the very best,


  Melbourne Perl Mongers Association Minutes for 2005-2006

Date: Thursday 4th of May 2006
Attendees: Scott Penrose, Leif Eriksen, Simon Taylor, Gerry Quinlan, Bradley
Dean, Justin Presser, Stephen Edmonds

The Melbourne Perl Mongers discussions occurred via email and have been the
results have been compiled here as the minutes for public record.

* Approving the 2004 OSDC Committee


*  Approve signature holders of the bank account (President and Treasurer and
one member -- any two)


* Approving the 2005 OSDC Committee


* Approving the 2005 OSDC Independence


* Request for OSDC Association to take on the $2300 debt to Monash University

       Approved (also approved by OSDC Committee)

* Request for OSDC Association to take on the $2000 outstanding invoice from OSV
for 2004 OSDC in payment for the debt above.

       Approved (also approved by OSDC Committee)

* AGM May 2006


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