[Melbourne-pm] Help - I barely speak Camel.

Peter Machell peter at machell.net
Tue Jul 25 03:50:49 PDT 2006

Hi list. Jacinta Richardson suggested I join. I'm a fairly junior
sysadmin, by no means a programmer. I have hacked bits and pieces in
Perl over the years and find it very good for glue, but do this so
infrequently that I need to relearn even the basics each time.

I need to develop a simple application and would like to do so in
Perl. Is this list an appropriate place to ask questions about this
with a view to better understanding and refining my code?

Assuming that it is, can I start with the workflow and see if it
makes sense?

I need to interface with a number of different databases to pull out
some demographic information, feed this into an array, regex it to
get the formatting right, then send it, and a message containing
variables from this info, to an API for which I have a Perl example.
Returning from that API will be some debug, which I'd like to combine
with the information and print out to a HTML file for reporting.

As I'm dealing with a number of different database engines, I figure
I'll do the initial data mining using those engine's tools, and start
the Perl code with pulling data from a CSV file. This seems easier to
me than trying to get a DBI going for each engine and using Perl to
do the queries.

I'm sure there are many on this list that could knock this up in a
few minutes, but I'd really like to do it myself so that I can
completely understand the process, and continue to develop and
support it.

Please let me know if this is an appropriate forum for this sort of
thing, and if not, where I may find one.

Thanks in advance,


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