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Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Mon Jul 3 20:17:06 PDT 2006

Scott Penrose <scottp at dd.com.au> writes:
> On 04/07/2006, at 12:34, Ian Holsman wrote:

G'day Scott.


> Anyway, my point is NOT to tie into one solution. The File Cache  
> method most cpan apache gallery type code uses is bad, but forcing  
> memcached only would be worse - as we may be dealing with terabytes  
> of images. In some places though where performance is key and usage  
> is small, then memcached - and of course the possibility of both for  
> performance.
> The point is that there should be an Apache module for caching which  
> does all this for me - the problem with the modules available is that  
> they do everything themselves - so lots of repetition, lack of  
> flexibility etc.

I disagree with you here: Apache is the *wrong* place to put this
functionality.  What happens if I want to use the same sort of cache
with a FastCGI interface[1]...

> Probably the best is to use something like Cache::Cache, write a  
> Memcached plugin for that (I started one but have not yet finished  
> it) and then have something like a Apache Cache plugin for  
> Cache::Cache as well - then you have a totally flexible solution.

That is a much better solution.  An Apache specific backend may make
sense in some cases, but not for most.

> I wonder if a cascaded Cache::Cache system could be implemented -  
> e.g. Memory -> Disk -> Original - so you have a way of caching the  
> most popular disk entries in memory (by memory that can of course be  
> Memcached) :-)

Not that I have run across.  Cache::Squid - I see a great need. ;)


[1]  This is a common desire of mine, since it insulates both Apache and
     the application from each other, at a fairly minimal cost.

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