[Melbourne-pm] Opening hours representation

Tony Smith ts at meme.com.au
Fri Jan 27 18:22:12 PST 2006

A client who has what I am sure must be a common need to represent the 
hours that a business, venue, et al is open each week in a manageable 

At first glance, neither search.cpan nor Google came up with anything 
which separates the idea of regular weekly opening/operating hours from 
more general calendaring and that misses the point.

Basically what we want is to be able to query whether and maybe what 
for a business is open at a particular time,  e.g. if a restaurant 
closes at 10:00 pm it would probably be wrong to suggest it is open for 
dinner at 9:30 pm.

I don't really want to reinvent the wheel, particularly when it comes 
to defining a data representation format, and if it is going to take a 
new module it would be good to make it as widely useful as the problem 
would suggest it should be.

Any thoughts?

Tony Smith
0405 499 718
TransForum Developer

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