[Melbourne-pm] Deploying perl web applications to end users

David Dick david_dick at iprimus.com.au
Tue Jan 17 03:40:56 PST 2006

For a while now, i've been building an application at home as a testing 
ground for a lot of ideas that i can use for my job.  It's a perl web 
application with a database backend, so fairly basic stuff.

I'm at a stage where i think i might be only a couple of years out from 
having a product that actually does something useful :$ so i'm thinking 
about deployment to potential customers.

Two possibilities here (afaik) that boil down to the same issue (afaik). 
  Possibility one is customer installs on a local machine.  Issue: need 
to ensure a quick, easy install to make sure s/he actually uses the 
software.  Possibility two is we admin server farms for the application. 
  Issue, need to ensure quick, easy install to remove the possibility of 
stuff ups.

Looking at two known perl web applications, Bricolage and Movable Type, 
they have installation instructions at




that oddly enough to me, don't seem to be all that smooth as far as a 
"one click" sort of installation goes.

Has anyone had an experience deploying perl web applications in large 
numbers? Did you use Wix, rpm, apt-get, Module::Build, movable 
type/Bricolage type instructions? How did it go?

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