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Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Wed Jan 11 17:13:46 PST 2006

G'day Everyone,

<hat class="PerlNet">

It looks like we've had a very active discussion regarding both PerlNet, and the
Melbourne.PM website in general.  I'm glad to see this is getting so much
interest, and I hope to use this opportunity to clarify a few matters.

There's a page at http://perl.net.au/wiki/PerlNet:PerlNet_and_User_Groups which
describes PerlNet and what it can and cannot do for user-groups.  I hope that it
answers a number of questions that have been raised on the list.  If you have a
question that it doesn't answer, then please feel free to add it to that page,
mention it on the discussion page, or even raise it with myself directly.

I want to stress that all content on PerlNet is governed by an open source
license (http://perl.net.au/wiki/PerlNet:Copyrights).  Everyone is welcome to
use PerlNet content and contributions for their own sites and projects.  If
Melbourne.PM members would like to develop content or ideas with the intention
of these appearing on the main Melbourne.PM or other sites, then PerlNet
provides a simple way of doing this right now with a minimum of effort and overhead.

If Melbourne.PM does not wish to use PerlNet as it main page, then Melb.PM and
its members are still welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the other
features of the site.  Melbourne.PM is also very welcome to use PerlNet as a
main page on a temporary basis, to provide easy collaboration and content until
the final Melbourne.PM site is ready.  Pages can be generated without the wiki
navigation by adding '?printable=yes' to any URL, and there are both Perl
modules and other tools for extracting and exporting wiki content.

For everyone who has contributed to PerlNet already, thank-you!


<hat class="Perl Training Australia">

There's been a few suggestions that Perl Training Australia could provide
separate hosting facilities for Melbourne.pm.  I consider this to be a different
discussion to that of PerlNet.  Using PerlNet in any way does not preclude or
exclude any future hosting arrangements for Melbourne.pm in any way.

There was a suggestion that hosting two wikis on the same server would be little
more effort than hosting one.  Unfortunately, in my experience this isn't as
easy as it sounds.  Two wikis usually means separate maintenance and monitoring
for each, and very often the separate development of tools, policies, templates,
and contributors.


All the very best,


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