[Melbourne-pm] Wikification of melbourne.pm.org?

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Wed Jan 11 04:50:52 PST 2006

--- Scott Penrose wrote:
> I think it is a little disturbing that we are effectively
> forming a splinter faction rather than trying to use pm.org
> like we should, and I think Sydney has made a mistake.

As a Sydney.pm member, I applaud what Stennie did.

I'm always short of time and I've found perl.net.au to be a
perfect fit for my needs, allowing me to quickly and easily
contribute to Sydney.pm web site while keeping up to date with
what other Antipodean Perl Mongers are up to. Given most of us
are so short of time, I just don't see the sense in maintaining
two sets of information about Sydney.pm.

Let's wait and see. I hope that the benefits of unification,
sharing and sense of Antipodean community will far outweigh
any perceived loss of individual group identity.


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