[Melbourne-pm] Wikification of melbourne.pm.org?

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Tue Jan 10 14:44:11 PST 2006

On 10/01/2006, at 19:25, Paul Fenwick wrote:

> G'day Ben,
> Ben Marsh wrote:
>> Admittedly the current Melbourne.pm.org maintainer seems very busy on
>> other things.  I actually had the crazy thought that I might help
>> with/do the melbourne.pm.org web page.  I do envisage that such a  
>> website requires
>> information to be donated from lots of people.  But then so does a  
>> wiki.
> One of the problems with the existing pm.org system is that it's  
> not quite as
> simple to make changes as one would like.  Altering content is done  
> using
> authenticated WebDav, which I don't use for anything else.  Adding new
> webmasters means a lengthy registration process.  In short, the  
> barrier to
> making changes is high, and the number of people who can make  
> changes are few.
> The wiki advantage is that everything's provided out of the box.   
> Previewing,
> change control, collaborative editing, a simple mark-up syntax, RSS  
> feeds and
> other goodies.  People who aren't going to go to all the effort to  
> submit (and
> chase) a request to a melbourne.pm webmaster will happily fix a  
> wiki page.
> I will admit that I'm doubly-biased towards wikification of  
> melbourne.pm.org.
> Not only do I think it will result in greater and better written  
> content, I also
> think that it will mean less work for me personally, as I'm one of  
> the few
> people with change access to the existing melbourne.pm.org website.

Agreed. I think a wiki is perfect for Melbourne PM. Also we can point  
the melbourne.pm.org domain to any IP number no problem, it is only  
the services provided by pm.org that are static, a redirect is not  
necessary - a separate site is though.

If PTA could run the melbourne.pm.org site along side perl.net.au -  
then it would be the same to administer, theoretically no extra load  
(since you were talking about a redirect anyway) and should have a  
link at the bottom saying that PTA and perl.net.au are hosting it.

I think it is a little disturbing that we are effectively forming a  
splinter faction rather than trying to use pm.org like we should, and  
I think Sydney has made a mistake.


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