[Melbourne-pm] Talks for meeting 8th March 2006

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Feb 12 18:44:26 PST 2006

G'day everyone,

As the month wears on, it becomes time for everyone to think about what talks
we're going to have for our March meeting.  Over the last few months I've seen
the following suggestions, many of which are yet to be presented:

Topics people would like to see at some point:

    * Coverage of Perl 6 ideas implemented in Perl 5 modules
    * Perlish interaction with users
          o prompt and answer (which looks more like just printing and reading
            from STDIN)
          o dialog type prompting
          o Simple GUI prompting

Volunteered talks

    * tidyview (a small tool for supporting the use of Damian's PBP via perltidy
and utilising PPI) - Leif
    * Further mod_perl2 modules by Scott Penrose
    * Iterative grammar development combining Test::More and Parse::RecDescent
by Leif Erikson
    * Source filtering by Alfie John
    * A new genetic algorithm by Simon Taylor

If any of the volunteers wishes to present their talks, or if anyone wants to
volunteer to cover the other topics above; please speak up.  Likewise if you'd
like to volunteer to give a talk, or suggest topics you'd like seen, we'd
appreciate your feedback!

All the best,


PS If you ordered a mug and then weren't able to join us at the OSDClub meeting,
please get in contact with me again.

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