[Melbourne-pm] AGM 2006

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Wed Apr 26 04:45:27 PDT 2006

On 26/04/2006, at 14:13, Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> Can we get the minutes from our first AGM, where the current  
> committee was
> elected, so that we can approve them at our upcoming AGM?

Would love to if anyone knew where they are? One of the advantages of  
starting is that you have something to work with for the future. In  
the first meeting, we had nothing to work with, and no one who was in  
charge of doing things like taking minutes :-) But this time we do,  
the old committee :-)

> You also announced at the last meeting that the AGM starts at 6pm  
> sharp, whereas
> this announcement said 6:30pm.

Actually I said 6:30 sharp :-) Good to confirm.

> I'd prefer the later start, but could you
> confirm which is the correct time?

Yes. 6:30 is correct time.

> Further can you confirm that the positions up for election are:
> 	President
> 	Vice-President
> 	Secretary
> 	Treasurer
> 	Member
> 	Member
> 	Member
> Being 7 positions rather than the 5 you mentioned at the last meeting?

Umm... I can't confirm either way. They are in the standard rules, I  
will have a look, or you can have a look on them up on the .gov.au  
web site - I think they are under "Model Rules for association".


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