[Melbourne-pm] Meeting TOMORROW night!

Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Tue Apr 18 15:11:46 PDT 2006

--- Jacinta Richardson wrote:
> Just a reminder that our May meeting is tomorrow night.  At this meeting
> we'll have guest speaker Andrew Savige presenting on:
> 	* History of Sydney.pm (Andrew's guide to how to run a users group)
> 	* Experiences of a first time CPAN author (Creating Acme::EyeDrops)

I'm in Melbourne now, working on my slides on my brother's desktop computer. I
hope to be able to put my HTML slides on a little memory stick and bring that
long with me tonight to plug into a computer.

Is there be a computer available at myinternet for me to use tonight?
If not, could a kind monger bring their laptop along tonight so I can plug my
memory stick into it? All I need is a browser and perl (any OS should be OK).
Please let me know if you're able to help.


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