[Melbourne-pm] Graphing / Charts

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Thu Apr 13 00:47:48 PDT 2006

Hey Guys

I have the ongoing ever need for development some reports which  
include some graphs and charts.

Our desktop product takes a rough form of HTML and generates FO for  
use in generating PDFs. This is wonderful in the idea that we can  
change look and feel with CSS and if we need, XSL, to change our  
reports very easily.

However, trying to add Charting functionality to that is not  
something I fancy doing.

So I am looking at what charting and reporting is out there, which  
allows an XML document structure to define the report.

As you can imagine, generating XML (in our case a subset of XHTML)  
from a database is easy, combining it with other documents is also  
easy, having parts of it generated from other systems is easy.

So I realised, maybe there is already a solution out there. For  
example, it might be a simple system that generate SVG charts from a  
data source, that I can then pump through my FOP with some other XML  
for the text part of the report to generate PDFs.

So then I thought, maybe this has all be achieved already, which is  
where you guys come in. Any ideas ?


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