[Melbourne-pm] Meeting rescheduled. Next PM Meeting: Wednesday 19th April, 2006

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Apr 10 18:52:37 PDT 2006

Andrew Savige wrote:

> I'd like to give a short talk (10 mins) on the history and current state
> of play of Sydney.pm. Then we might be able to compare notes and exchange
> ideas on how best to run a Perl mongers group. :-)

I think the second part of this might form a better pub discussion than part of
meeting, but that's up to you.

> In addition to that, I plan to talk about my experiences as a first time
> CPAN author creating Acme::EyeDrops. I'm flexible on the length of this
> talk. If there are others wanting to give talks on the night, I could
> trim it down to half an hour or so; on the other hand, if there is a
> shortage of speakers, I could happily waffle on for an hour or more.

Sounds fantastic.  I'm sure any anticipatory speakers will survive waiting until
our May meeting to give their talk.  ;)    (To these speakers though: If you
were really looking forward to giving a talk in May, feel free to speak up!)

> For the talk to be of broader interest, in addition to describing how
> Acme::EyeDrops works (and digressing to related light-hearted topics),
> I intend to discuss the serious problems I faced as a first time CPAN
> author: how to choose a module name and design an interface (anything
> else can be easily fixed later), deciding what perl versions/platforms
> to support, VERSION, naming, how to document the module, how to do a
> test suite, Devel::Cover, kwalitee, PBP and coding style, ...

Sounds like a well rounded talk.  I look forward to hearing it!


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