[Melbourne-pm] Help with HTTP::DAV

Edgar Kherlopian edgar.kherlopian at its.monash.edu.au
Tue Oct 11 17:21:14 PDT 2005

Fellow perl-mongers,

Has anyone found any problems with using HTTP::DAV for complex websites 
that have more than one state in their authentication mechanism?

The site I am trying to gain access to performs the following session 
1. If a particular request has no cookie present, a *dummy cookie* is 
sent back.
2. If a *dummy cookie* exists in the client's request, the server 
responds by asking for authentication details.
3. If authentication details pass, the server responds with a valid 
cookie, replacing the *dummy cookie*.

HTTP::DAV, it seems, is unable to handle this situation.

When performing the following:

$webdav->open( '-url' => $url );

I get "Unauthorized" back and the open method returns false. Now the 
problem is I *expect* this and want to store the dummy cookie returned 
back so that I can make my next request to bring up the basic 
authentication. Is it possible to do this currently with HTTP::DAV?



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