[Melbourne-pm] Free mod_perl 2 talk and meeting with Stas

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Wed May 25 23:54:35 PDT 2005

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On 26/05/2005, at 16:06, Stas Bekman wrote:
>> OK. Our normal perl mongers meeting would be Wednesday the 8th.  
>> Is  that too early for you ?
>> If not, I can start promoting ASAP. If you would prefer I am sure  
>> we  could arrange it for the following Wednesday.
> It's never too early to speak about mod_perl. Let's do it. Though  
> as suggested before ideally it'd be nice to have more of your  
> audience time.

The meeting is yours. But if we want dinner then we would only have  
about 2 hours and a bit.
Would you like longer, and if so, would you like two nights, or one  
long one ?

Also, would you consider a possible weekend day as well / instead ?

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