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Peter Lawrence peterl at netlink.com.au
Thu Mar 31 03:36:05 PST 2005

On Wed, 30 Mar 2005 18:16:10 +1000, David Dick wrote:

> I know next to zero about oz patents/etc so i thought it might be useful
> if we just invited one or both of types of people in to give a "just the
> facts" type talk.

For what it's worth, many years ago when I did an MBA I did a law assignment 
on intellectual property, software patents and the like. I could rake it out 
and email it to the list if there's enough interest, or to individuals who ask 
for it if there isn't enough across the board interest. PML.


I.e., a Goods and Services Tax (or almost any other broad based production tax), with a Negative Payroll Tax, promotes employme

See http://member.netlink.com.au/~peterl/publicns.html#AFRLET2 and the other items on that page for some reasons why. 

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