[Melbourne-pm] Melbourne job: PHP, SQL, DHTML and Perl developer

Andrew Stuart andrew.stuart at xse.com.au
Sun Jun 5 04:36:17 PDT 2005

*********PHP, SQL, DHTML and Perl developer

# Work in a great team and learn from your guru team members
# Great company
# Great potential
# Fun
# Professional
# Innovative, challenging systems

This isn't just a job building small websites - this company has big systems
and a variety of products and services that have UI's constructed with

You'll be working with a team of some of the smartest development people
around so if you're wanting to advance to the next level and polish your
skills with the best of them - here's your chance.

You'll be developing and maintaining a set of browser based Internet
applications. You'll be developing applications that drive a global
distributed network analyzing and processing data based on a huge data

If you're a passionate PHP developer with excellent DHTML/CSS front end
skills as well as strong SQL (ideally postgres but MySQL or other database)
is fine too - then this is the dream job that you've been looking for.

We're looking for the person who is skilled and talented in in building user
interfaces using Javascript, HTML, DHTML and CSS.

You'll be working in a technology driven company that is highly successful.

# We're looking for someone who thinks logically and is passionate about
their work
# We're looking for someone who is creative and innovative, who can
contribute their good ideas and bring them to life in the software.
# We're looking for someone who is a tenacious problem solver, who will
absolutely work out what the problem is regardless of how tough.
# We're looking for someone who does this work because they love it -
perhaps maybe someone from the classic "Linux Hacker" culture (Hacker as in
old-school coder, not as in Cracker).
# We're looking for someone who is self-driven and autonomous, who needs
minimal direction and can see what needs to be done and will take up the
challenge without the need for micro management.
# We're looking for someone with a deep understanding and experience of SQL.
Postgres is the database in use here, but if you've got the skills on MySQL
or something else then thats fine too.
# We're looking for someone with first class verbal and written
communication skills. You must communicate extremely clearly and be highly

The systems are running on Debian Linux and while we're not looking for a
Linux kernel hacker, it would be valuable if you have in-depth experience
working with Linux.

Formal qualifications would be good, but not a requirement. We're more
interested in what you can do than what piece of paper you have.

This is an exciting, growing company that is already successful and becoming
more so every day. Send your resume to info at flatraterecruitment.com.au

Please note this is a salaried full time role and we cannot accept
international or interstate applications.

software engineer

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