[Melbourne-pm] config file parsers

Geoff Crompton geoff.crompton at strategicdata.com.au
Tue Feb 15 19:06:20 PST 2005

Damian Conway wrote:
> I take it back. Having downloaded the latest version, I find it to be 
> not nearly robust enough for real world use. Your mileage may vary, it 
> it looks like I'm going to have to write my own Config:: module (like 
> there aren't enough of them on the CPAN already!) or else submit major 
> patches for Config::Simple.
> :-(

Someone at work suggested using YAML for the config file. I'm already 
using YAML for a state file, so it would make sense to keep the tech 
count down.
What are peoples thoughts on using YAML? I've only just started using 
it, so I'm not real familiar with YAML.
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