[Melbourne-pm] using SyslogScan::SyslogEntry

Geoff Crompton geoff.crompton at strategicdata.com.au
Mon Feb 7 20:28:12 PST 2005

leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au wrote:
> Geoff,
>    Firstly, welcome to the Melbourne Perl Mongers!

Thank you!

>    Secondly, what platform are you running on and what version of perl  
> are you using ?
>    Thirdly, you may have to run the tests by hand so we can see some 
> more output. Try to find where the cpan tool has put the downloaded 
> distribution (for my Linux box it is typically in 
> ~/.cpan/build/<module>) and run the make like this
> prompt> make test TEST_VERBOSE=1
> There may well be more information about where in the various test files 
> the failures are occuring - and at a cursory glance, it looks like the 
> tests are die()'ing somewhere.
> Leif

I've gone with Alfie's suggestion, and hand installed it, ignoring the 
failing tests. I only want to use this for one of task, and I've only 
installed it in my home directory, so if the module does fail 
spectacularly, I won't be fussed.

I did run the make test TEST_VERBOSE=1 though. It wrote over 3000 lines 
of output, so I won't append it here.


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