[Melbourne-pm] Membership?

Ben Marsh blm at woodheap.org
Sun Dec 11 18:52:50 PST 2005

* Scott Penrose (scottp at dd.com.au) wrote:
> >Since I leave a fair bit away from Melbourne I would have to really  
> >move
> >to make it to meetings at 6:30pm.
> I understand. We put it to the vote a few years ago and the  
> overwhelming majority was for an earlier start - it used to be 7pm.
> Maybe we should vote again some time early next year.

No need on my account.  Making it a later start would make it later
finish which would be just as bad for me.

> >Also what time do meetings finish typically?  I would need to know so
> >that I can work out if I can make the last train back home.
> We usually finish around 8:30 then head off towards the pub.

8:34pm is the last train from Flinders St.  I am only thinking trains
because I come from Queensland where there are no Trams and am not used
to them.

> There are lots of people there, from all sorts of directions - maybe  
> someone could give you a lift (where are you?)

Know anyone that comes from Traralgon to these meetings? ;-) 


Ben Marsh

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