[Melbourne-pm] Damian Conway presents - Fun with Dead Languages

Peter Lawrence peterl at netlink.com.au
Mon Aug 29 11:25:07 PDT 2005

On Mon, 29 Aug 2005 10:43:34 +1000, Damian Conway wrote:

> CrashKat asked:

>> I won't be able to make the talk, as I'll be at school, but if I send my
>> PBP along with Gus, will Damian be signing pre purchsed books as well?

> Damian will sign anything that's put in front of him. :-)

Remind me to bring a blank cheque on his account. PML.

I.e., a Goods and Services Tax (or almost any other broad based production tax), with a Negative Payroll Tax, promotes employme

See http://member.netlink.com.au/~peterl/publicns.html#AFRLET2 and the other items on that page for some reasons why. 

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