[Melbourne-pm] Perl garbage collection behaviour

Harley Mackenzie hjm at bigpond.com
Wed Aug 24 16:41:56 PDT 2005

No - it is a console application (really should run as a service but I need to sort this out first), so I am just bringing up the DOS window to the foreground and then minimising.

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On 24/08/2005 at 9:09 PM David Dick wrote:

>Harley Mackenzie wrote:
>> I click on the application that is usually running in a minimised state
>at the bottom of the screen, and bring it to the foreground, and then
>minimise again, something kicks off the garbage collection and it then
>reduces to about 5KB and starts the memory accumulation thing all over
>Your perl application has a gui front end? What did you use to write it?

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