[Melbourne-pm] Last Chance to speak at OSDC

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Fri Aug 19 06:38:06 PDT 2005

Hey Rick,

Thanks for the instructions to help people through. I have passed  
through those details to CGPublisher too.

If anyone is not able to do their submission, or unable to do it in  
time, or has any feedback they would like to give, then please don't  
hesitate to email me and I will make sure it is passed on to the  
Programme Chair and to CGPublisher, and also try and deal with the  
problem and feedback.

You can also pass your feedback/input/problems to any appropriate  
member of OSDC, listed at the following address:

Scott Penrose
President, OSDC 2005.

On 19/08/2005, at 19:53, Rick Measham wrote:

> Rick Measham wrongly suggested:
>> 3. If you're not sure what each field requires .. guess! I read  
>> through
>> Jacinta's description of the info that's needed and worked from that,
>> trying to match that up with the fields in the interface. The help  
>> text
>> isn't too helpful. (fake eg: "An _Author List_ is a list of  
>> _Authors_")
> Jacinta Richardson disavowed all knowledge:
>> Uh-uh, they're not my descriptions.  I'm not the Programme Chair  
>> this year or
>> even on the programme committee!  I had zero input whatsoever into  
>> the choice to
>> use cgpublisher and I have no idea how much customisation was  
>> available to those
>> who did choose it on our behalf - I presume they've customised it  
>> as much as
>> they could.
> Sorry Jacinta, I got mixed up between your email and the  
> introduction on
> the osdc site. The introduction (where it suggests there are two talk
> lengths!) has much better instructions than in the actual sign-up.
> Cheers!
> Rick Measham
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