[Melbourne-pm] Perl chop behaviour

leif.eriksen@hpa.com.au leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au
Thu Aug 11 22:09:21 PDT 2005

If you open up your PC, you'll notice your memory DIMM's are a little 
shorter too - chop() does that to references to memory address'...

L ;-}

becky at unisolve.com.au wrote:

>Hi everyone,
>I have a bit of a strange question.  Can anyone shed some light on the
>behaviour of chop() when you pass it an array that contains an array.
>Example code is:
>use strict;
>use warnings;
>use Data::Dumper;
>my @array = (
>  'fred',
>  'bob',
>  ['aa', 'bb'],
>my $chr = chop(@array);
>print Dumper(\@array) . "\n";
>print "Char: $chr\n";
>And the output from that is:
>$VAR1 = [
>          'fre',
>          'bo',
>          'ARRAY(0x812bfc0'
>        ];
>Char: )
>I can see that it is taking the ')' from the array reference.  Is it a bug
>in my version of Perl (5.8.3), or does that actually make sense at some
>level?  I understand that it is a little bit difficult for Perl to decide
>what to do in this case, but I didn't expect it to do that!
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