[Melbourne-pm] Meeting tomorrow?

Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Tue Aug 9 19:20:48 PDT 2005

On 09/08/2005, at 21:35, Tony Smith wrote:

> No, I don't want to "talk" per se, but I had good intentions of
> suggesting a bit earlier that it could be interesting to have a  
> compare
> notes on the state of deployment of Perl 6/Pugs/Parrot/Ponie/etc.
> seeing is it is starting to sound like they may almost be getting
> usable/useful.
> As part of that question, I understand some planned features of Perl 6
> are being prototyped in Perl 5 modules, so it would be really good if
> anybody who has tested those waters could share their experience for
> the benefit of those still waiting and hoping.

Tonight's meeting ?

I am assuming everyone still wants to come to tonight's meeting.

There is a small mod_perl2 module I can demonstrate, showing  
integration of a 3rd party Perl Module and a 3rd party Apache C  
Modules linking to another 3rd party C library, all in one request.

I am hoping some people come along and bring their own modules to  
talk about.

Alfie may be doing a lightning talk.

Bottom line, I suggest we meet, talk about perl, and go to an early  

If you think I am crazzy, now is the time to say :-)


6:30pm - myinternet. Level 8, 14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne.
If we go early to dinner, I will put a note on the door.

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