[Melbourne-pm] Last call for bookings on Stas Bekman's mod_perl courses

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Apr 27 18:33:23 PDT 2005

G'day everyone,

This is just a reminder that if you're thinking of booking on Stas' courses 
running in June then you must book by 5pm tomorrow, 29th April 2005.  If you're 
still waiting on approval from your management but want us to know that you're 
intending to come then please call Paul or myself on 03 9354 6001 as soon as 

Course details are:

*Getting started with mod_perl* explores widely used strategies of coupling
mod_perl with another Apache server or/and Squid proxy server to improve
performance and reduce system requirements. Learn to port and develop CGI
scripts and modules under mod_perl, about persistent database connections and
various performance improvement techniques.

*mod_perl 2.0, the next generation* covers mod_perl 2.0, which supports all the
mod_perl 1.0 features and brings a whole lot of new functionality such as
protocol and filter handlers, improved configuration access, threads support and
much more. This tutorial will get you up to speed with the new features, in
addition to reviewing the old ones.

     Course                                  Date          Cost   City
     Getting started with mod_perl        6th June 2005    $630    Melb
     mod_perl 2.0, the next generation    7th June 2005    $630    Melb

     Getting started with mod_perl       15th June 2005    $630    Syd
     mod_perl 2.0, the next generation   16th June 2005    $630    Syd

Should you book *and pay* by tomorrow you'll be eligible for our Early Bird 
Special of one free book, per person, per course.

To book on these courses visit:

Please mention your local PM group when booking.

All the best,

      Jacinta Richardson

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