[Melbourne-pm] Tonight's talks

Simon Taylor simon at unisolve.com.au
Wed Sep 8 01:00:32 CDT 2004

Hello all,

See below for details of tonight's list of talks.

See you there.

The Time:

    6.30 pm

The Venue:

    myinternet House, 
    Level 8, 
    14 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

- Simon

    Jacinta Richardson: OSDC update

    Becky Alcorn: HTML::Tooltip::Javascript (20mins)

	A new module providing an easy perl interface to Walter Zorn's 
	javascript tooltip library. (this is a test-run of an 
	OSDC talk

    Simon Taylor:  Text::PhraseDistance and others. (7 mins)

	Measuring the degree of proximity of 2 phrases

    Leif Eriksen: Forcing Failure (main talk)


	Say you've written a module that at some point calls 'fork()'. At that 
	point your code tests the return from fork to workout if it is in the 
	parent or child process. Additionally, you have code to handle fork 
	failing - say due to insufficient resources. You want to test your 
	module, and specifically write a test case that demonstrates the 
	correctness of the code you've written to handle a fork failure. How do 
	you force fork() to fail ??

	It really hard to do, harder to do reliably, and even harder if you try 
	to do it on different OS.

	This talk is about making any perl low level system call (like read, 
	close etc) fail exactly how you want, even down to the error text returned.

	Additionally, writing test cases and performing coverage testing in Perl 
	is discussed.


Simon Taylor 
Unisolve Pty Ltd - Melbourne, Australia
+61 3 9568 2005

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