[Melbourne-pm] [JOB] We may be looking for a programmer ...

Rick Measham rickm at isite.net.au
Sun Sep 5 17:06:05 CDT 2004

We may be looking for a programmer to start this or next week.

First-time programmers are welcome (and expected ... we're not paying much!)

I've developed a project over the past 18 months and it's now ready 
to enter maintenence/administration mode. I'm moving on to another 
company in two weeks.

I'll need you resume along with some code examples. If you're a 
member on PerlMonks, I'd like your username there.

SPECIAL BONUS: If you have a background that includes graphic design, 
you'll be looked upon with favor. The project involves heavy use of 

For now this isn't an official advertisement, just a forward notice. 
If you're interested, send me an application at this address -- or 
you can wait until I say it's official.


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