[Melbourne-pm] Slides from my Trapper talk last week

Tony Smith ts at meme.com.au
Sun Nov 14 19:28:56 CST 2004

Just in case anybody wants to have another look, I've imposed my own 
look and feel but haven't attempted any improvements to the actual 
slide content, at least not beyond, at Jacinta's suggestion, adding 
links to the text files I showed. That does not yet extend to my 
LifeLab examples as I've found some browser dependent issues with RLE 
files that can't be overcome immediately.

Because of the way the S5 slide show is designed, it is strongly 
advised that you open any of the links in a new tab or new window. 
Otherwise when you hit the back button you will be dumped back at slide 

If you want to use the S5 slide show software as the basis for 
something you are doing yourself, it would probably be best for you 
start with the original:

And if this all still sounds like gobbledygook, I don't plan to attempt 
anything more on this front until after OSDC.

Tony Smith
0405 499 718
TransForum Developer

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