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Sun May 9 20:03:57 CDT 2004

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Hello and welcome to another exciting and jam packed schedule for
Melbourne Perl Mongers. This month we will be skipping a security talk
(more on that next month) and doing a number of smaller talks. We will
also be finally doing the necessary forming of an association.

         Level 8, 14-20 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

         6:30pm Wednesday 12th of May 2004


         Forming our Association (15 minutes) - Scott Penrose
                 We will be forming an official association for Melbourne
                 Perl Mongers as we are supposed to, to protect members
                 and to allow us to have a bank account. Don't forget to
                 bring your $10 if you want to be a voting member.

         Best Practice (15 minutes) - Scott Penrose
                 A new regular will be Best Practice. I will be setting
                 up each month one or two best practices in Perl. These
                 will then go off to some peers to review to make sure
                 they really are best practice. It will then be
                 presented to It will then be published on
                 at least our site, maybe other places. The idea is to
                 have a published, peer reviewed set of best practices
                 for Perl. This should be useful for beginners as well
                 as advanced users.

         Logging (30 minutes) - Leif
                 Log::Log4perl addresses the shortcomings of typical
                 ad-hoc or homegrown logging systems by providing three
                 mechanisms to control the amount of data being logged
                 and where it ends up at:

                 * Levels - log messages are assigned a priority. Log
                   messages are suppressed or displayed depending on the
                   logging system's settings.
                 * Categories - define which parts of the system you want
                   logged. Category inheritance allows reuse, overriding
                   allows redefinition of settings in different parts in
                   the category hierarchy.
                 * Appenders - once you have a sufficient priority level
                   in an active category, appenders allow you to choose
                   which output devices the log data will be written to,
                   and the format of those writings.

 (60 minutes) - Simon Taylor

        is a collection of Frequently Asked
                 Questions, "How To" documents, and tutorials about perl

                 The site is currently in alpha testing and is
                 piggy-backed onto another site. We plan to release the
                 site officially in the next couple of months on a
                 dedicated server, and we are keen to get involvement
                 from Melbourne perl mongers reviewing pages, and
                 suggesting or writing others.

                 This site is devoted to spreading the perl meme and to
                 providing an easy place to find complete, working
                 examples of good perl code. We hope that
                 can act as a conduit into the perl language, the perldoc
                 command, cpan etc, for people who are new to perl.

                 The talk will cover:

                 * What is the perl "meme"
                 * Why it is weak
                 * Who we are targeting
                 * Why we are doing this at all, (after all, perl is
                   already well documented)
                 * Why we are *really* doing this at all ;-)
                 * Our design and visual aims
                 * Our targets for the growth of the site
                 * Early feedback
                 * Planned features
                 * The dedicated hosting of the site
                 * Our sourceforge project

                 There'll be printed handouts and we will examine some of
                 the content already on site, and ask for involvement and
                 criticism from the audience.

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