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Wed Mar 31 11:37:08 CST 2004

Maybe that was the key - a Users Group actually _using_ the tool at an 
open day. Hopefully somebody forwards this to VTR as a suggestion for 
better Open Days in the future.

I think there is great mileage in the Open Day concept, and VTR are to 
be congratulated for the courageous donation of their facilities in 
supporting the quite badly bruised Melbourne development community. I am 
particularly impressed that a player in an industry sector (IT 
recruitment), that is often seen as quite shallow and cynical, is giving 
back so generously to the people their business is built on.

I ended up speaking to one participant on Perl OO and HTML::Template for 
about 20 minutes - he left saying he was going staight home to try it. 
Winner!! And I caught up with an old school chum I last saw 7 years ago.

I had an absolute ball.


scottp at dd.com.au wrote:

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> The VTR User Group Conference was a huge success.
> A special HUGE BIG THANK YOU to those who came and helped me during 
> the day include:
>     Nathan Bailey
>     Jacinta Richardson
>     Paul Fenwick
>     Leif Eriksen
>     Tony Smith
> I managed to get the 7 segment LED Display control working and have a 
> simple demonstration running - displaying some values.
> Nathan and Jacinta found that not having enough characters was a 
> challenge, and started hacking away at getting that going. Now we have 
> more characters, and the raw elements to make them up by bars.
> Jacinta and Leif then felt it wasn't fair that we were using only one 
> display per characters, so they implemented wide characters that go go 
> across two displays.
> Paul felt that what we needed was a scrolling Marquee - so that was 
> next off :-)
> And I networked it and finished my Tk App - so that I could do 
> remotely control the display.
> So I think we should be renamed to the "eXtreme Perl Mongers"
> Strangely enough - the hacking above actually did not detract from the 
> great advice and conversations that everyone was having with our 
> visitors. In fact the hacking became a great draw card for people to 
> see what we were doing - and demonstrating that we can actually do it. 
> On the other computer I brought along our portal from work - not so 
> surprisingly (even though it has lots more code) it was not as 
> interesting as the little bit of code running the display :-) - Very 
> well done everyone.
> Scooter.
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