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Stas Bekman stas at stason.org
Thu Mar 25 15:52:11 CST 2004

Scott Penrose wrote:
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> Now I know I am being dumb here...
> How can I find out that $x is a single character of ord 00-ff vs a number:
>     That is - "1" does not eq chr(1);
> The reason is that I get a log of people doing this
>     $pp->set_byte(0, 1);
> And of course I set the value on the parallel port to ord("1").
> What I want to do is, if someone has given me a number - rather than a 
> string, that I convert it to a character.
>     chr(1);
> What is the safest way to do this ?

In addition to all the cool stuff Joshua mentioned, there is C API 
Perl_looks_like_number, which you can probably easily glue with Inline::C. see 
  the perlapi manpage.

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