A familiar face graces today's Oz IT section

peter renshaw goonmail at netspace.net.au
Tue Mar 23 20:10:23 CST 2004

>>this would make a good talk.
>I'd be happy to, if people are interested. It's an interesting API - a
>secure, stateful protocol using SOAP. It's somewhat hardcore to describe
>what's "behind-the-scenes" though; and there's not much to say about how
>to use it (it's so easy!)
Yes but a  demo (simple) with code doing something,  speaks volumes. 

>If people are interested in some hard-core web services stuff, it could
>be an interesting topic.
The reason I reckon this would be interesting is that both google and 
amazon have api's that allow you to programatically
*do things*. Accessing email via an api is pretty much along this line. 
Instead of  having to access via a client or webpage
you can plug it into your own app.

anyone else on the list interested, listening in?

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