Next Melb.PM Meeting, Wednesday 10th March

Paul Fenwick pjf at
Mon Mar 1 18:15:11 CST 2004

G'day everyone,

	Melbourne Perl Mongers will be meeting next Wednesday, 10th March.

	This meeting will be the first in a series presented by Perl Training 
Australia, trialing our up-coming course on Perl Security.  Every month 
there'll be a presentation (with notes provided) on security and how it 
specifically relates to Perl.

	At this coming Melb.PM meeting, the topics covered will be a brief 
introduction to security, and a discussion of filesystem security and Perl.

	At the end of each meeting we'll be seeking feedback, and may ask 
participants to fill out an anonymous questionaire.

Date:		Wednesday 10th March 2004
When:		6:30pm
Where:		MyInternet House
		Level 8
		14 Blackwood Street
		North Melbourne

	We'll be bringing to the meetings printed copies of the materials that 
will be disucssed.  However, if you wish to reserve your own copies of 
the notes (in case we're understocked), then please drop an e-mail to 
<pjf+security-notes-request at> and I'll make sure 
there's a copy with your e-mail address on it.  (Make sure that you get 
the e-mail address correct, otherwise I may lose your request.)

	I look forward to seeing you all on the day!


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