[Melbourne-pm] Letting you in on the good news

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Sun Jun 27 20:35:34 CDT 2004

G'day folks,

As you'll be aware the paper proposals for OSDC are due today.  I thought
you might like to know how the tally is going.

For Perl we have 13 speakers for 24 talks.   Speakers include Damian
Conway, Nathan Torkington, Abigail (as in Abigail and Abigail-II from
PerlMonks) and Baden Hughes (the representative of the Perl Foundation in
Australia).  We also have appear to have a submission from the
French Polynesia University in Tahiti.

For Python we have 5 speakers for 7 talks.  Speakers include Richard Jones
and Anthony Baxter who are both very important in Python.

For Php we have 2 speakers for 6 talks.  Although the subject of one talk
(WebDB) need not be implemented in Php.

For other technologies we have 6 speakers for 7 talks.  Speakers include
Con Zymaris (the CEO of Cybersource) and Jenn Vesperman (author of the
O'Reilly CVS book and many O'Reilly articles).

So, so far Perl will rule the conference (yay!) and we should have a great
variety of talks to attend. 

It's not too late to add in your own proposal.  Read the CFP
(http://www.osdc.com.au/papers/call_for_papers.html) for details as to

All the very best,


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