[Melbourne-pm] Meeting next Wednesday, 9th June

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jun 1 20:43:42 CDT 2004

G'day everyone,

	The next Melbourne.PM meeting shall be on the 9th June, next Wednesday:

	When:	6:30pm, 9th June
	Where:	MyInternet House
		Blackwood St
		North Melbourne


Yet Another Perl Conference / Open Source Development Conference.
YAPC is expanding to take over the world -- well, Australian open 
source, anyway.  Hear more about how the conference is proceeding, how 
you can get involved, and have an opportunity for questions-and-answers 
with the organisers.

Visit www.osdc.com.au for more information on the conference.

Unix Privilege Manipulation in Perl  --  Paul Fenwick
Perl has traditionally had a concept of real and effective user-ids, 
which are accessible via the special variables $< and $>.  However, Perl 
has never had a concept of the third commonly seen privilege, the 'saved 

Paul will briefly explore the treacherous maze of unix privileges, how 
they can vary both between and within operating systems, and how often 
when you think you've dropped privileges, you haven't.  We will also 
explore some of the dark ways in which Perl can become misguided, and 
can be made to lie about the privileges it currently has available.

Finally, we will learn of a new way of manipulating privileges in Perl, 
and how this overcomes a number of existing problems.



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