Andrew Savige ajsavige at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jan 23 18:50:21 CST 2004

leif.eriksen at hpa.com.au wrote:
> I remember us brainstorming activities etc on butcher paper, and the 
> topic of participants writing a YAPC::Bruce.pm module that did 
> 'something useful'(tm). Given the success (and cool prize) at the Linux 
> conf for the hacking competition, perhaps a topic to challenge the 
> code-monkeys is appropriate ... any opinions ?

I like the idea of a Bruce.pm for serious programmers.
Of course, the judging would be somewhat subjective.

If you want a competition with more objective judging criteria,
you could provide a test program, built with Ton Hospel's
excellent golf test harness, say:
The rules would be simply that any program that passes all tests
in the test harness may be entered. Prizes may be awarded for the
shortest entry (golf), fastest entry (100 metre dash), most
unorthodox or amusing entry, etc. (I have found a test program to
be essential for such competitions because there is too much room
for ambiguity in a written description of a problem).

In addition, a more light-hearted competition might be organised.
I noticed this haiku one today (not open to Australians, unfortunately):
cam.pm have organised some competitions which require you to fit
a program that does something "interesting" into a provided shape,
such as a beer glass or snowflake:
For Sydney, we could use a Sydney Opera House shape or Harbour
Bridge shape. But what is the shape of Melbourne?


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