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Not a bad one, and we could add to that points for actually getting it 
in / patched / and on CPAN - which is hard for some people etc.

So therefore it would be a test not just of coding, but also of 
community :-)


On 22/01/2004, at 12:42 PM, Stas Bekman wrote:

> Scott Penrose wrote:
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>> I love the idea of doing a competition and organising a prize from 
>> someone. It worked great at Linux Conf (although I doubt IBM will 
>> give Perl a $40,000 IBM !!!).
>> I think however that the task needs to be a little closer to 
>> achievable. The competition in Linux Conf was only an AI for a 3D 
>> Tetris game - not a HUGE bit of code, but still a challenge.
>> A Pure Coverage solution would be the holy grail but probably not a 
>> fair test for a small prize ?
>> Maybe the domain can remain the same but the solution simplified ?
> How about putting the challenge into a good cause. Make people compete 
> at closing perl/CPAN modules bugs (RT's). A person who closes the most 
> amount of bugs wins. The committee could choose a pool of bugs to 
> choose from (picking interesting bugs and probably giving each a 
> different weight to be fair.)
> I guess the only hard part is for the jury to verify that the bug was 
> actually resolved. Just an idea ;)
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