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Stas Bekman stas at
Fri Jan 16 02:34:05 CST 2004

Simon Taylor wrote:
> Hi Gustaf,
>>so what do i do now? Is it too late to change the namespace on CPAN?
>>What is the best way for me to present my case and who do i present it
> Send an email to modules at, and the people who read it will be very 
> helpful, particularly if you make your case as well as you have done just 
> now.
> Alternatively, I've used the comp.lang.perl.modules newsgroup to ask
> these kind of questions before.

Actually it's a better idea to send this email to module-authors at, 
instead of modules at The latter has very little human resources and 
used only for officially approving the namespaces. Most discussions happen at 
the module-authors list. It's a very active list with many contributors.

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