weird CGI-bin problem

Paul Fenwick pjf at
Fri Feb 27 19:20:20 CST 2004

G'day Jim,

jimd at wrote:


> however, when I change the href to (and make no other change)
> the result is that is downloaded rather than being executed.
> If I change href back to, normal behaviour resumes.
> I'm bewildered by this. Is there something special in CGI which causes
> downloading rather than execution? Help, please.

There's nothing special in CGI, and it's the job of the web-server to 
determine if a given file should be executed, or simply returned in 
response to an http request.

I would suggest that you check to see if the execute bit remains set on 
the file after you make the change.  Many web-server configurations will 
refuse to execute a file that does not have the execute bit set.  (This 
is assuming you're using a UNIX flavoured system that has an execute bit 
to set.)

Besides from that, changing a URL (presumably a string) in a given file 
should not alter how the web server interprets that file.



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