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Scott Penrose scottp at dd.com.au
Tue Aug 17 07:45:12 CDT 2004

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On 17/08/2004, at 10:35 PM, David Dick wrote:

> Scott Penrose wrote:
>> On 17/08/2004, at 7:47 PM, David Dick wrote:
>>> single sign on is a necessary thing sometimes thou, and as mentioned 
>>> by paul the mod_perl.com example is a good one.  It just depends on 
>>> whether your application needs to jump across multiple domains.
>> Actually using Basic Auth still allows single sign on. You simply 
>> check for that before returning the 401.
> my bad english... i meant single sign on for multiple servers...

Yeah, that is what I mean. Single sign on is usually done by adding a 
special header (ala passport).

> eg. get a auth ticket from security.example.com, and use it to visit 
> application.example.com and mail.example.com...

Exactly :-)

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