[Melbourne-pm] Perl web application framework recommendations

Paul Fenwick pjf at perltraining.com.au
Mon Aug 16 06:15:56 CDT 2004

G'day Daniel, Tim, and Melb.PM,

Tim Hunt wrote:

> If you're looking at Template Toolkit, don't ignore HTML::Mason ( 
> http://www.masonhq.com ) used by Monash Uni's portal, Amazon.com and 
> other fine sites.

I can chime in with a vote for HTML::Mason here.  Mason gives you very 
easy sessions (check out MasonX::Request::WithApacheSession), very fast 
development, and very nice ways of compartmentalizing features.  RT is 
written in HTML::Mason.

As for authentication, keep in mind that apache lets you set a 
PerlAuthHandler and a PerlAccessHandler (and a few more), that you can 
use independently to whatever you have generating your content.  That's 
incredibly handy, and something I've been using recently with great 
success.  mod_perl gives you a great many hooks into apache, many of 
which are often overlooked.

Getting Mason installed and set-up for the first time can be a little 
bit tricky, but once you have done that, using it for development is 
fantastic.  I'm happy to provide assistance should you hit any snags.

If you want to use Template Toolkit then there shouldn't be anything in 
HTML::Mason stopping you -- indeed, it should just be a few tweaks to 
the autohandler.  However, I've found that Mason's native features do 
the vast majority of the templating work for you when used correctly.

All the very best,


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