[Melbourne-pm] Perl web application framework recommendations

David Dick david_dick at iprimus.com.au
Sun Aug 15 07:50:13 CDT 2004

> OK. Working through that tells me that what I am really looking for is a
> framework with the following features:
> * abstract "authentication" and session support.
> * simple, and extensible, mapping of HTTP requests to Perl module calls.
> * hooks into Template::Toolkit, or a similar template engine, for output.
> I would also like, but can reasonably easily supply externally:
> * simple, and extensible, database wrapper generation.
> * simple workflow management (create/update/search/display/delete)
> I also have one hard requirement, which is to be able to get the
> database abstraction layer to provide a *nice* interface to maintaining
> an ordered set of objects - the sequence of text "steps" associated with
> producing mixed drinks, specifically.

Another possibility that comes to mind is rolling your framework out of 
major structural pieces.  You mention an admiration for Class::DBI, a 
perl.com article discusses mixing Class::DBI and Template Toolkit in a 
favourable light at


Likewise, CGI::Application is another possiblity that you could roll 
together with Class::DBI.  You can find it discussed at the following url.


I haven't tried either of these approaches myself, so I am unable to 
offer any practical experience with them, but thought they might be 
worth mentioning.

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