[Melbourne-pm] Perl web application framework recommendations

David Dick david_dick at iprimus.com.au
Sat Aug 14 06:19:28 CDT 2004

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> I am looking at doing some web application development, both to keep my
> hand in on the programming side and because I have a need for a couple
> of database driven tools.
> I have taken a look at a variety of packages out there, and now I am
> looking for recommendations about which ones actually work *well*.

Okay.  Work well to what purpose?  Do you want to obtain a deeper level 
of understanding about the subtler aspects of web development (hence 
writing your own framework is probably a good task) or is speed of 
development a bigger concern?  Are you designing for cross platform 
(mod_perl/ISAPI/etc) compatability or can you not afford to sacrifice 
any performance hit at all?

> So far, the three options that look worth considering are OpenInteract,
> Maypole and writing my own framework.

why are these the attractive options?  might be worthwhile listing the 
advantages/disadvantages that you see in these and see if anyone else 
can think of other points.


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