How fast is an EVAL String

Stas Bekman stas at
Mon Apr 26 20:12:45 CDT 2004

Scott Penrose wrote:
> The problem with most benchmarking and profiling is learning where to 
> work on. And unfortunately this can't be done because doing the 
> profiling and benchmarking changes exactly that - the system you are 
> watching changes. You will notice that my code included a lot of 
> unnecessary code if all I wanted to do was compare "eval" with 
> "iterative" - but it was more real world.

Sure, all I was saying that if your original test's data2 was running under 
low load and you had a load spike during the data1 test, you'd have gotten a 
completely wrong conclusion (i.e. eval faster than iteration). But sure, you 
need to test the real system too. We agree on that :)

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