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On 14/04/2004, at 11:42 AM, Jacinta Richardson wrote:

> G'day everyone,
> Just a reminder that Perl Mongers is on tonight.  Our current agenda 
> seems
> to be:
One other...

	Leif: XML SAX or DOM ?

XML development typically proceeds down one of the two main paradigms 
of XML processing - SAX or DOM. Each paradigm brings with it different 
design strengths and weakness, and requires a developer to know which 
approach matches best with the requirements in hand.

This talk shows two Perl implementations of the same set of 
requirements - one using the DOM paradigm, using XML::Simple, and the 
other using the SAX paradigm, using XML::Parser. The differences in 
code structure are striking, and the problem areas for each approach 
are quiet distinct.

Hopefully Perl developers will come away from this talk ( and code 
walk-through ) with a better understanding of when to commit to a 
particular paradigm at the start of a project.

> 	Paul:  Perl Security - "Working securely with files"
> 	Scott: YAPC Update
> 	??:    ??
> If you've volunteered a talk which I've missed then we're delighted to
> have you present as well.  Paul says someone did, but I can't find your
> email, sorry.
> So, we'll look forward to seeing you all at MyInternet House, Blackwood
> St, North Melbourne at 6:30pm.
> All the very best,
> 	Jacinta
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