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> 	Hmm.  ...on what OS?  I did a search for "user mode linux", and came
> up with:
> ---------------------------------
> Ever wish you had a place to let your Linux applications play -- where 
> they
> wouldn't hurt anything else? Do your killer apps spend too much time 
> killing
> each other? Originally conceived as a kernel developer's tool, UML 
> lets you
> set up multiple virtual machines that are isolated from each other and 
> from
> the hardware. Now, you can test applications all the way to failure 
> without
> breaking the host system -- or even requiring a reboot.
> ---------------------------------

UML is ideal for the purpose of security etc - but too slow on 
performance. We can have up to 200,000 users on a box, so I would have 
to pool the startup and stop for each on demand - which is going to be 
too slow.
> 	The way I see it, you've got two options:
> 1.	Find some kind of sandbox to put existing languages in
> 2.	Write (or find) languages with existing sandboxen
> 	If you're going the second route (which your comments imply you are),
> then there's also:

Yes :-)


This looks great. I have downloaded and am playing with a copy. It 
seems to be more of an applet than a back end but should not be hard to 
play with or change.


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